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J0nt3h On Trial
Bigger than that music genius-disfigured features-white glove wearing dudes TRIAL in America is one in our own backyard!

J0nt3h is on Trial for the FPS crew!

His reputation proceeds him as a skilled and fun loving UrT Player. He left clan `r` to join us, so he gotta be good!

If he makes the cut, he also wins the title of youngest player in the FPS clan too! Just 15 years old!
Seeing as we are all old farts anyway, it's not too hard I suppose.

Big welcome from us all and good luck to you mate!

Recruiting is still open for others though, so if you fancy a chance in joining us then send us a mail!

[Submitted by Rainbow]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Thursday 02 June 2005 - 21:48:16   | Comments (3)
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