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Quake3 Q3 UrT Cup Fall 2004 - Third league Group C
[=FPS=]Clan Matches played:
21 Sep [=FPS=] vs dg Maps: Turnpike/Casa 38 - 8
30 Sep [=FPS=] vs HD Maps: Casa/Turnpike 25 - 19
8 Oct [=FPS=] vs V Maps: Abbey2/Turnpike 42 - 11
13 Oct [=FPS=] vs EMS Maps: Casa/Turnpike 34 - 12
.::[=FPS=]Clan win the Group C!!

[=FPS=]Clan first game of the playoff stages was played vs KICK.
4 Nov [=FPS=] vs KICK Maps: Turnpike/Abbey2/Algiers 2-1 (Victory)
.::3rd map needed to decide the winner for this match! So that means [=FPS=]Clan are off to the Semifinals:)

Semi Finals:
14 Nov [=FPS=] vs decay Maps: Turnpike/Casa/Uptown/Uptown 5-3
.::Ok 4 maps needed to end this game:) More info @ CB.

30 Nov [=FPS=] vs ROS Maps: Uptown/Turnpike/Abbey2 Score coming..
.::Weeeeee we did it!!! We win the FINAL CUP!!!!! 3 maps needed to play to end the game:)Very nice played boys and girls GG all, but now i have to go out a find a friggen job cuz we win..hehe

[Submitted by d0tc0m]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Wednesday 01 December 2004 - 02:39:30   | Comments (9)
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