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Members: 533
Newest member: ozanyso
[=FPS=] Clan is alive again!!
We decided to kick some life back into the clan just for some fun Urt'ing.
d0tc0m, fucker, HowlinPsycho and newcomer LittleAngel

Posted by HowlinPsycho on Monday 17 March 2008 - 01:30:34   | Add/Read Comments: 3
Site Upgrades.
Finally a new version of the l33t e107 is out.
The site is upgraded to version v0.7 now, and after a few hickups, it seems to run like normal now. Please let me know if you find anything \"unusual\", or some kind of bugs.

[Submitted by HowlinPsycho]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Thursday 19 January 2006 - 18:20:59   | Add/Read Comments: 4
Database Crash!!
The database took a nasty dive this weekend....
Working on restoring it now, so please let me know if there is something that dont work as it should.
I hope to get it back to the way it was.
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Monday 08 August 2005 - 00:11:25   | Add/Read Comments: 5
J0nt3h On Trial
Bigger than that music genius-disfigured features-white glove wearing dudes TRIAL in America is one in our own backyard!

J0nt3h is on Trial for the FPS crew!

His reputation proceeds him as a skilled and fun loving UrT Player. He left clan `r` to join us, so he gotta be good!

If he makes the cut, he also wins the title of youngest player in the FPS clan too! Just 15 years old!
Seeing as we are all old farts anyway, it's not too hard I suppose.

Big welcome from us all and good luck to you mate!

Recruiting is still open for others though, so if you fancy a chance in joining us then send us a mail!

[Submitted by Rainbow]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Thursday 02 June 2005 - 21:48:16   | Add/Read Comments: 3
It's recruitment time again in FPS!
Yes that's right! The [=FPS=] Gates are now open!

Recent times has seen the departure of 4-5 clan members
due to inactivity and the pursuit of seriousness.
Hence we are looking to take in a couple of people to strengthen
our squad and to keep up our current level of participation in
the CB 5on5 ladder.

The [=FPS=]Clan is a friendly bunch of guyz that first and foremost
play Urban Terror for FUN! We do take our official matches as serious
as we can, but to lose ain't a bad lesson in life :)

Online gaming, as URT is; is always gonna create communities! And we
like to take part in these community and social aspects of URT too.
This means irc channels and forum bashing! So hop on over to #[=FPS=]
on quakenet and get chatting! Also come join our forums on the clansite You will need to register here, especially if you
wish to make an application later on!

We all claim our ages to be over the 20+ barrier, and have kids,
families and girlfriends that take first place in our lives.

Everything in the FPS clan is voted democratically by all Members!
Where a decision is needed, in steps the big boss man, Howlinpsycho.
All applications to the FPS clan are handled in this way too!

Any questions you have? Just e-mail me or with them.
Even better though would be to get in the irc channel #[=FPS=] and ask
anyone of us [=FPS=] people in there! We are all glad to help with
whatever we can.

I would always say that you have a better chance of getting in if we know
you already! So hop in to irc, have a chat and play some games with us!
It's never a problem to get a pcw 5on5 and have you join in with us so
you can show off your skills.

So, you still here? And you are still interested in joining?
Then I would head on over to the JOIN PAGE and fill in the application asap!

Good Luck to you all!
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Tuesday 03 May 2005 - 23:13:38   | Add/Read Comments: 1
FPS Loses 3 Members
Hi All!

OK Hot news this one!

Lotte has decided to leave FPS again, but this time she is going to try her hand at leading her own clan! The FPS is a little too un-serious for her URT hunger now and so we wish her well with the brand spanking new URT clan }{AC.

Dotcom and Musto feel the same, and so have joined }{AC with Lotte - Other Members of HAC include, Plej, Orkis and Snoppis of EDK Clan!
They sound like a force to be reckoned with if you ask me ;)

All the FPS wishes them GL and HAVE FUN!!!!

A Special thx must go out to Dotcom though! He has been a great war arranger and theme designer for [=FPS=]clan.

Cheers mate. We hope all goes well for you three! ByeBye
[Submitted by Rainbow]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Friday 29 April 2005 - 22:27:53   | Add/Read Comments: 2
Member Cleanups!
Sorry for the late news post, but here it is anyways.
4 ?ber inactive members was removed from the clan last week.
Only a few inactives left now, but the clan is getting more active as we speak. The removal of members might have woken up some of us ;) ( me included).

[Submitted by HowlinPsycho]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Saturday 19 March 2005 - 14:15:43   | Add/Read Comments: 4
New FPSclan Theme
As you all can see we have changed the website layout. It's one of a kind so hope this will work ok as a gamingtheme:)

Layout/design by
Posted by PinkOrgasme on Thursday 06 January 2005 - 16:03:50   | Add/Read Comments: 7
Quake3 Q3 UrT Cup Fall 2004 - Third league Group C
[=FPS=]Clan Matches played:
21 Sep [=FPS=] vs dg Maps: Turnpike/Casa 38 - 8
30 Sep [=FPS=] vs HD Maps: Casa/Turnpike 25 - 19
8 Oct [=FPS=] vs V Maps: Abbey2/Turnpike 42 - 11
13 Oct [=FPS=] vs EMS Maps: Casa/Turnpike 34 - 12
.::[=FPS=]Clan win the Group C!!

[=FPS=]Clan first game of the playoff stages was played vs KICK.
4 Nov [=FPS=] vs KICK Maps: Turnpike/Abbey2/Algiers 2-1 (Victory)
.::3rd map needed to decide the winner for this match! So that means [=FPS=]Clan are off to the Semifinals:)

Semi Finals:
14 Nov [=FPS=] vs decay Maps: Turnpike/Casa/Uptown/Uptown 5-3
.::Ok 4 maps needed to end this game:) More info @ CB.

30 Nov [=FPS=] vs ROS Maps: Uptown/Turnpike/Abbey2 Score coming..
.::Weeeeee we did it!!! We win the FINAL CUP!!!!! 3 maps needed to play to end the game:)Very nice played boys and girls GG all, but now i have to go out a find a friggen job cuz we win..hehe

[Submitted by d0tc0m]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Wednesday 01 December 2004 - 02:39:30   | Add/Read Comments: 9
Rainbow is home again!!
Well, Mr Undertaker himself is back. Rainbow is back after a short period on other grounds. We had a vote going if he should be let back in, and as you might have figured out now, the vote ended in Rainbows favour :D.

Welcome back mate!!
[Submitted by HowlinPsycho]
Posted by HowlinPsycho on Sunday 19 September 2004 - 20:03:34   | Add/Read Comments: 7
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